School Bus Transport Management

Get Safe School Bus Commuting & Better Operational Efficiency with Transport Management System

School Bus Transport Management

Quality education involves well trained teaching staff along with best amenities in the school. However transport services also are emerging as an important part of the quality education system.

In the recent years, parents have changed their mindset of joining their children in nearby schools, they are looking for better education, and are ready to make their children travel any distance for the best schooling experience.

Most of the schools these days, are maintaining a fleet of buses, and are offering a pick-up and drop facility to their students and staff. However maintaining large fleet of buses, along with a safe and secured experience for students will be a challenging task for schools.

Here are the present challenges schools are facing with transport management:

  • Bus Routing :
    Optimal bus routing is considered as one of the most crucial challenges faced by schools, while the students are to be transported in minimal time, maximum utilization of the bus is also required for minimizing expenses.
  • Safe & Comfortable Travelling Experience:
    It’s a normal parent psychology to expect their children to travel safe, along with a comfortable travelling experience, which means a less crowded bus. Schools need to meet these standards for keeping parents happy.
  • Alternate Route Selection:
    Dealing with delays due to unavoidable circumstances like traffic congestions, accidents, and bad weather, and minimizing the delay.

    In case of emergency situations like riots, and other issues, schools should also have a backup/alternate routes for ensuring safety of their students.

How a Bus Transport Management System actually helps?

Automating bus fleet management can benefit schools with operational efficiency, and parents with timely updates of their children. Here are a few advantages of school transport management system.

  • Real time security with GPS Tracking:
    School Bus transport system can connect with GPS tracker equipped school buses, for tracking the real-time view of the buses travel. Parents can get real time updates of the bus position, which can help in getting an idea about the pick and drop off timing.

    Real-time updates can help parents for preparing their child on-time to the bus-stop. Any change in the pick or drop routes will be informed to parents well in advance, allowing them to make alternative arrangements.
  • Efficient Scheduling:
    School transport management system maintains records of bus drivers with complete details like profiles, licences, and their schedules. This can help in maintaining transparency for parents, about the driver of their children bus.

    Schools can also have a clear view of driver schedules with just a click of mouse; this can help in effective utilization of work force, and ensured that punctuality is maintained.
  • Route Changes made simple:

    School bus routes can change every academic year based on the demand. For example in one year new students may be added to a specific bus route, which may demand a change in the current bus routes.

    These type of changes can be complex in a manual system, however automation makes this process easier & efficient.

    Schools can feed the new locations to the bus management system,and then system automatically generates the best routes for meeting with the changes.  As the process has less human intervention, there will be no scope for error, making bus transport systems more efficient. 
  • Better Maintenance:

Bus transport system backed with GPS trackers, can help in monitoring the real-time running condition of the bus, and where improvements can be implemented.

Cost efficiency is ensured by co-relating fuel consumption with driving behaviour, and thus alerting drivers for better driving practices.

Servicing reminders can also be set for timely maintenance of the bus, ensuring better fitness and better life of vehicle.

Notifications can also be set for insurance, driver license renewals, avoiding unnecessary tensions in the last-minute.

  • Better Finance Management:

School transport management ensures all the financial transactions of the institute’s buses can be accessed in a single dashboard. Driver’s payrolls, along with their attendance, can be accessed with a single click, along with student’s bus fee payment details. This helps in streamlining all the financial aspects of school transport management system.

Why Choose Edecofy School Management System?

Edecofy’s transport management system is specially designed to handle all your school transport-related issues without any hassles. Promptness, accuracy and real-time updates play the key role in managing the school transport management efficiently, here comes in picture Edecofy’s school bus management system.

Edecofy is wisely designed to meet offer the strong school transportation management that ensures complete safety of students by keeping all the participants in the loop and enabling accurate, real-time tracking.

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