School Timetable Automation

Effectively manage your classes with School Timetable Automation

School Timetable Automation

School Timetable Automation Need:

At the start of every academic year, it will be a common exercise for every class teacher to create a timetable for students. While this task appears to be simple, it can be actually challenging for assigning teachers to various classes.

Creating an engaging class daily schedule for the students also adds more pressure to teachers. Manual creation of timetable can be frustrating & time-consuming task as well, the time can be utilized for more productive works.

Thanks to the new advancements in technology, where all the obstacles in the manual timetable system can be handled with timetable management modules from school management software. This ensures in creating an efficient timetable for schools.

Here is how School Timetable Automation can be more beneficial to schools compared to its manual version.

Smart utilization of time:

After all “Time is money” these days, automating your school timetable can save loads of time for your school. Automating not only helps in making the tedious task of timetable creation easy but also in significantly less time.

All that the teacher needs to input the subject and teacher’s data, and the AI-powered School Management system will automatically generate the timetable- assigning teachers for respective classes and sections.

This ensures optimal utilization of teaching resources, along with school infrastructures such as lab hours and library periods.

Error Free:

There is a high scope of error in any manual process. The same applies to manual timetable creation as well. On the contrary, utilizing AI-powered Timetable management drastically reduces the scope of error.

While there is still a chance of human data entry errors, the same can also be corrected in a matter of minutes, with just a click of the mouse.

Schools/ Colleges containing several classes can ensure a 100% error-free timetable for all its classes through the school management system.

Highly Secure & User Friendly:

The school management system simplifies tedious tasks of school. This user-friendly design of this system enables any person with basic computer skills, can confidently use this software.

Strong encryption of data ensures security. Coupled with a highly secured firewall, the system allows only staff authorized by schools to access the application.

Instant Notification Alerts:

School management software provides instant notification for both students and parents in case of any changes in the approved timetable.

For example, there exist situations like teachers on leave or a change in the time of a specific subject class. These changes are informed instantly to students and parents.

This avoids unnecessary confusion for students and ensures a cool environment for better learning.

Substitution Simplified:

There come few unavoidable circumstances for teachers to go on leave sometimes, schools usually have to waste time in the manual process for arranging alternate/substitute teachers for the specific class teacher.

Automating the schedule, however, simplifies this process; Changes in the schedule is automatically informed to the respective substitute teachers in advance. The substitute teacher can prepare for the topic before the class, avoiding unnecessary chaos.

Customize As you like:

Different types of schools will have different types of scheduling requirements. A timetable management system can be customized as per the requirements/guidelines of your schools.

Schools can also customize the timetable for a specific class depending upon the language, location, and other factors. This can help in meeting the unique scheduling requirements of each and every school.

Smooth & Seamless Integration:
The timetable management system can be integrated seamlessly with your online school calendar, without any conflicts. This covers special events, exams of the school as well.

An alternate timetable is generated automatically in such times, and is informed to students and teachers instantly. This can help in the seamless functioning of the classes in the school.
Better Payroll Management:

When it comes to payroll generation for schools, the traditional or manual system usually is more prone to errors in calculating the working hours and leaves of teachers.

On the other hand Timetable management software powered by AI, can easily track the number of teaching hours and the number of leaves from each teacher.
This helps in making payroll generation and management hassle-free and fool-proof for schools.

Paperless Means Environmental Friendly:

Managing loads of papers for schools operation is always a headache in terms of both storage and handling them. Security is also a concern for keeping safe the documents related to school. On the other hand, paper consumption is not so eco-friendly.

Digitizing school operations like timetables through school management software can help in keeping away from the headaches of handling paper, and indirectly helping in maintaining eco-friendly systems as well.

A cloud-based system also helps in accessing any type of school documents from anywhere, any time.

Edecofy the pioneer in the school management system, can help your school to automate tedious operational tasks like Fees, Expenses, Academic Management, and several other important tasks, ensuring an effective and fool-proof environment. Looking for more details? Please visit  ,or you can also reach us at

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