School Admission Automation

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School Admission Automation

School Admission Automation Importance:

By 2025, Higher education student admissions are forecast to more than double. With the level of paper and electronic documents, Educational institutions will be overwhelmed.

What’s Wrong with the Manual School Admission System?

The traditional/present system involves huge paper, along with different forms of document submission including: online, snail mail, faxes, and emails. Handling such huge data can be challenging and time-consuming for your school staff, for organizing and managing all different pieces of info.

School management still relies on a manual process for admissions, which includes students’ registration, fees procurement, verification, etc.

This manual processing of applications is prone to be errors, leading to tedious and stressful experiences for staff. It also consumes staff’s valuable time in handling the sequential admission process of hundreds of students, ultimately affecting the productivity of the employees.

On the other hand, students also face frustration, stranding in the serpentine queues for submitting their application forms and fees payments.

Automation is the Best Solution:

Schools now require an automation solution that can manage, simplify, and streamline student admissions, for better handling of the huge volume of admissions.


Hassle-Free Experience:

Automating the entire admission process can make it a hassle-free experience for both staff and students.
Deploying school admission software can help in avoiding the time wastage of collecting, sorting, and documenting the application forms for schools.
The system simplifies these tedious tasks. It enables the system to sort and save the application forms in a digital format.

Boosts Brand Popularity:

The admission process will be usually the first interaction between students, parents with educational institutions. Automating the admission process, leaves a good impression on both students and parents, helping in boosting the brand identity.

Less Scope for Error:

Student Admission system powered with sophisticated algorithms has the capacity to evaluate hundreds of admission forms in minutes. It can detect even the minute of errors during the data entry itself and alerts the student immediately with errors.

It can also prevent the headache of dealing with thousands of registration forms and can verify their accuracy instantly.

No More Serpentine Queues:

Automating the admission system can help schools in avoiding long queues, as students can submit all the required information online, with just a click of the mouse.

Fees Collection made Simple:

Handling huge cash in the form of fees is always huge trouble for most institutions. By automating the admission system schools can collect fees through a payment gateway, powered by Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Net Banking UPI, etc…
Students can go through their complete fee structure before they go for payments. Fee components can be pre-configured for meeting the requirements of the institutions.

Penalties or additional discounts can also be pre-integrated with the online fee payment.

Real-time Reporting:

Automating the admission process provides real-time insights into the institute’s entire admission process.

Quantitative insights include a total number of applications, statuses, and admission progress can also be known from the module. This can also help in comparing the performance of the admission, to the previous year.

Edecofy’s School ERP Software is a complete package for your school administration. Loaded with an analytic dashboard, the system allows the admin to view all the applications under a single roof.

Activities including new admissions, parent/student inquiries, can also be accessed, for knowing about the complete admission flow of the year.

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