Online Admission Management System

Efficient, Time Friendly… and lot more reasons for making Your School Admissions Online

Online Admission Management System

Online Admission Management System Need:

Student Admissions is the most important process of school functions. In this era of competition, the merit of students is an asset for schools, for standing front in the competition.

To begin with, usually, schools employ all their resources for a smooth and fool-proof admission process. While the number of students applying for different schools is increasing manifold, the admission system is equally getting complex with aspiring students applying from different locations and different criteria.

As a matter of fact, traditional methods of admission can’t handle such huge volumes of student’s data. In other words, Online Admissions is the only way of making the admission process efficient.

What exactly is an Online Admission System?

On a simpler note, Online Admission System is nothing but a web-enabled system for managing the admission activities related to the entire institution. Migrating to an online admission system ensures a user-friendly and transparent system with good accessibility for the applicants.

An online admission platform can provide seamless connectivity across all the departments of institutes like administration, marketing, accounts, and other teaching departments.

How Does Online Admissions System Work?

Online Admissions involves 2 key processes:


A landing page for registering admissions online will be shared across several channels like the website, and social media.

This landing page will have guidelines related to admissions. Students just need to download the admission form, fill it completely, and re-upload the application form that’s it. The process is simple without any complex filling, unlike the traditional paper-based one.


The admission team after going through the applications received online, reviews all the application info, and admit or rejects students accordingly. Approved applicants are allocated with batch numbers and fees; all these are possible with just a click of the mouse. 

Benefits of Online Admission System:
Flexibility for Applicants:

Applicants can easily apply for admission online; access to a pc or a smart device powered by the internet will do the job. Students can submit their applications with just a click of a mouse from anywhere in the world.

Convenience for Institutes:

Online admissions can save a substantial amount of the institute’s resources like time & money. The system is efficient in filtering out, and only eligible candidates who meet the specified criteria will be granted admission.

All important records pertaining to student info, and databases can be saved in secured storage on the cloud. The cloud-based system enables it to access from anywhere in the world.
Paperless admission ensures an eco-friendly system. This can also help in saving a considerable amount of time and money.

Zero Error &  Increased Efficiency:

No to mention, paper-based admission is highly flawed. This is proven to be fatal for the reputation of the institution.

On the contrary online admission, the system is highly reliable, and can drastically reduce the scope of errors.

Better Geographical Reach:

Important to realize, an online admission system enables students from various geographical locations to apply for admission without any hassles at the comfort of home. This can help in increasing the reach of institutions, and also in attracting talented students from various locations.

Developed by the joint efforts of experts and experienced teams, the Edecofy institute ERP system perfectly aligns with the most crucial needs of the institute, students, and parents while at the same time offering the solutions for any special needs.

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