Hostel Management System Benefits

Why Does Your School Need to adopt a Hostel Management System?

Hostel Management System Benefits

Education institutions are rapidly expanding over the past few years, an increase of branches for popular schools is leading to the mushrooming of hostels, as students admitted need to stay in the hostel for studying in these institutions.

Where is the traditional system failing?

Traditional/Manual Hostel management is considered to be the most tedious process as it demands a huge workforce and consumes loads of time. The system is incapable of handling a huge volume of data, coming from operations like 
i) Hostel Details
ii) Room Details
iii) Student Records
iv) Mess Management
v) Room Allocations
vi) Hostel Attendance

Data coming from these operations are repetitive in nature, failing to handle these data efficiently may lead to data redundancy and chaos in the system.

How can a Hostel Management System can help?

Hostel Management System is intended to simplify the various managing operations of the hostel. The cloud-based system an integral part of the school management system can help to keep track of hostel daily operations, and simplifying operations like
a)  Maintenance of lodging facilities and charges
b)  Handling Food, accommodation
c) Calculate fees for the mess
d) Staff payroll management
e) Finance management

Benefits of Hostel Management System:

Along with simplifying hostel operations, the hostel management system offers a plethora of benefits that enables smarter management of the hostel. Here are the key benefits of hostel management system

  1. Room Allocation Made simpler:

Manual allocation of rooms in big hostels is usually a cumbersome process, automating the process with the hostel management  system can help in allocating rooms to the students without any conflicts.

2. Smarter Rent Assessment:

Rent assessment for a specific period is a tedious task for the hostel wardens, however, automatic rent calculator utility of hostel management software can make this task simpler, saving a lot of time.

3. Secured Visitor Management:
Normally visitors are allowed to visit students in the hostel for various purposes. However, security is of primary concern while handling these visitors. all the data related to visitors is to be maintained and should be available for ready access in case of any access.

Automating visitor management with features like “Gate Pass Management” can help in keeping track of visitors, who visit the hostel premises throughout the day. Based on the data the system allows to generate reports on the basis of weekly, monthly, or yearly. The reports can be stored in the cloud(online), which can be accessed from anywhere.

4. Mess/Canteen Management:
Hostel Management System makes the management of the system much simpler. Automation can help in maintaining records of various mess operations like:
* Grocery Handling
* Day wise Food Menu 
* Duty allocation for staff
The system can help in the simpler and efficient handling of the Mess.

5.Student Attendance: 
Daily attendance records maintenance using traditional methods is a tedious task, as it involves a lot of time, and prone to errors as well. Automating hostel attendance with the hostel management system can help in digitizing attendance, and ensure an error-free process.

Parents are really concerned about their children’s safety, and it is important to keep them in the loop about their children’s information.

Hostel Management System allows sending notifications in the form of Push/SMS/Email about their children. These notifications can also be used to inform parents about fee reminders, mess bills, and other important info.

Why Edecofy?

Edecofy’s Smart “Hostel Management System” provides a simple & visually appealing dashboard system, that can efficiently handle hostel management, and all other modules in education institutes.

Our Hostel/Dormitory management module can seamlessly integrate with all the key modules of the school management software like attendance, inventory, and finance for effective hostel management.

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