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Make Digitalization in Education: Edecofy -Latest Customized Online School ERP Software

The Need for Online School ERP Software

The main aim of Schools is to impart good education academic levels to the students. In other words, this is only possible with essential coordination among staff, students, parents, and administrators. Isn’t it? Online School ERP Software serves the purpose of maintaining a track of student records, where school management often faces difficulties in solving issues.

Are you the one struggling to run your School Management effectively?

Without delay, Keep an end to all your worries with a single solution of the school Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), one of the business management software that helps to solve school administrative issues.

Must features to Have in School ERP

Every school has a goal to avail fewer resources and attain maximum performance. Undoubtedly deploying an ERP can be the best solution which is packed with vital features. For instance, Let’s have a glance over an amazing set of features.

  • Online Admission Process
  • Paperless/Automated Attendance
  • Class Management With Multiple Sections
  • Behaviour Monitoring
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Fees Management Process
  • Student’s fee
  • Monthly Expenses
  • Student Fund Accounting
  • Customized Reporting
  • Materials Tracking
  • Library Automation
  • School Mobile App
  • Performance Tracking
  • School bus tracking for child safety
  • Dorms Maintenance
  • Sports Activities Information
  • Instant communication between parent, teacher, and student
Why Choose Edecofy School Management Software?

Frustrated in solving crucial problems of School Management manually?
At this instant, why not choose a smarter way of digitizing your school’s valuable resources or group of schools with Edecofy School Management Software?

Above all, Edecofy ERP module offers a bunch of vast features ranging from Bulk Import of Students, Student Promotion, Students’ Tabulation Sheet, Students’ Fees Management, Online Payments, Multiple SMS Gateways, Multi-Language and Rtl Support, Bus Tracking, Bio Metric, Bar code Access and many more.

At this instant, schools looking for digitization of their schools and paperless work can make use of our economical and education eco-friendly tool. For this reason, grab our best support to have your software working effectively.

Look How Our School ERP Makes You a Smarter Future?

With the Edecofy ERP system, every admin work will go paperless. In like manner, parents are mostly involved in knowing their child’s schooling activities.

Equally important, our program allows every parent to know their child’s education records anytime to make their academic growth effective.

In reality, it’s not uncommon these days students are more comfortable with sharing notifications, messages, e-mails instantly.

Class Management is embedded with Multiple Sections including Class-Wise Subject Management and Class Routine or Class Schedule features. This enablees effective course management.

By all means, digitizing Schools makes Students Fees Management easy for Accountants, and parents can track their child’s fees status by Online Payments feature in ERP.

Give a Try to Use Our School Management Software Today!

Edecofy also launched a mobile application where students and parents can check their academic reports and data like Time-Table, Attendance, Home Work, Exam Results, Important Notifications, Leave Request, Circulars, Meetings, Fee Details, Study materials, Class Schedule, Question papers, etc in their smartphones/ mobiles. All updates go to students and parents dynamically.

All things considered, with the best Edecofy School Management Software, you can track your child’s education system live at your fingertips.

Are you planning now to customize your school management digitally? Please don’t hesitate to call and hurry up to get the best ERP solution to make every child’s world better.

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