Online Assessment Advantages

Importance of Online Assessment during Covid-19 Pandemic

The Problem?

Forced lockdowns due to the out-break of  COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected the educational industry world-wide.

Reportedly 1.2 Billion kids in 186 countries influenced by school closures

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How Online Assessment Actually Helps?

Many educational institutions has started shifting their base from universities to online, Inspite of their technical and online problems.

Exams are considered to be a key in testing a student’s knowledge, however during this critical time conducting direct exam can be fatal

Schools are realizing the need for teaching and appraising students virtually rather than in a physical classroom.

Institute can make use of smart devices & IoT for making virtual classrooms and online exams a reality. The advantage here is that the technology is independent of student and teachers’ location.

Advantages of Online Assessments:

  • Better School Administration:
    Online exams relieve the logistics and handling pressure faced by school managements, as they can make possible paperless exams.
  • Comfortable Setting of Question Papers:
    Combining online-assessment with question bank can help in improvising
  • a) Quality of education.
  • b) Learning and answering skills among the students.
  • c) Questioning logics among the teachers.
  • d) Examination patterns among curriculum designers.

    According to expert studies,distributing question banks as web-based Open Educational Resource (OER) would help enormous student and teacher community.
  • Faster Results:
    Unlike traditional evaluation systems, the online Assessment provides the flexibility of rapid evaluation.

    Faster display of outcomes in the school avoids the unnecessary strain and anxiety faced by the pupils.
  • Flexibility:
    Students can avoid un-necessary strain with travelling during exams. Online exams provide them with the access of nearest exam centers.

    Students can also provide instant feedback , based on which the teachers can improvise the teaching methodologies.
  • Environmental Friendly:
    Production of paper involves large scale destruction of trees, and exploitation of water.

* Saving a ton of paper, 17 trees, 26000 liters of water, 4000 kilowatts of power supply, and 240 liters of fuel can be saved.
Paperless exams concept makes Online Assessment an eco friendly solution, and can reduce the logistics expenses drastically.

Safe & Secure:
Traditional paper based exams have a great chance of leakage of question papers, during distribution and storage.

However online assessment ensures security of exams, by making use of cloud, digital storage with high-end data protection.

Online assessments can show significant savings with the individual, logistic, and organizational costs compared to traditional paper-based exams.

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