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School Transportation Management Software: Featured – Rich School ERP Module

School Transportation Management Software is a boon for parents, where they can relax now about your child schooling life and activities.

In earlier days, in selecting a school for kids, one of the major considerations for every parent was close proximity.

It was only due to this reason, parents used to send their wards to their nearby schools only.

However the scenario has changed in recent times, parents are not worrying to join their children in schools, that are located far away from their homes.

On the positive side, parents are feeling good with a better transport system ,which has features like pick-up and drop-off of all students and staff became an easier task.

But in some schools, this transport system is only confined to just drop-off and pickups.

This facility is no more sufficient as of now because, in the past few years, all the media and newspapers are more filled with bad articles on schools about lack of safety and precautions.

In general, ensuring better safety and security to the students is the topmost priority of every School management.

Must be remembered, for ensuring safety and security to their students and staff, institutions must create strong strategies in making a better school environment.

Here comes the need for School Bus Tracking and Management software.

What Exactly is Student Transport Management System?

Student Transport Management System is a technology-driven software system, designed for the purpose of

*Managing transportation module for student and staff tracking
* Maintain all transportation details and many more.

At the same time, It supports vehicle compliance alerts, bus transportation routes, real-time vehicle and route tracking facility to students/parents/staff.

With Bus Tracking Software, admin can assign:

* Well-equipped vehicles
* Bus routes
*Experienced drivers to students at various stops
* Driver’s adherence to the safety rules and additional security for emergency situations.

Is Transportation Management Module in Educational ERP necessary for Schools?

In today’s technology world, to run key functions of a school education management smoothly, every school needs an integrated School Management Software.

School ERP system became the need of the hour,with dynamic features providing effective maintenance of school admin tasks. We would like to explore one feature here namely the transport module.

Providing safe transport facility to students and staff is the biggest challenge for Education management.

Technology revolution helped school/school officials in reducing complexity and risk while on routing children under school bus fleet management.

To put it another way, Transportation Management Module in Educational ERP contributes for strategizing, planning and execution of on-time school functions that offer uncompromised efficiency.

How Bus Tracking Software helps the School to manage School Bus Fleet?

With School Bus Transport Management System, school faculties/students/parents can track bus movements, locations, and routes.

On the other hand our School Bus Routing Software, can ensure parent/guardians with complete peace of mind ,as they can keep a complete track of their child movements.

How Edecofy helps safer School Bus Transport Management System for Schools?

Edecofy School Bus Management Software ensures better student security. Our location-based tracking system, provides detailed information about school transportation including:

* Vehicle repairs
* Drivers/Conductor performance details and more features ensuring for better student security.

This cloud-based technology enables you to communicate with smartphones, laptops and even with no internet connection.

Our multi-device communication software sends instant alert provisions and quick messaging to parents/ teachers/students and related personnel.

If you’d like to learn more about our specialized Edecofy School Bus Transport Management System, please feel free to get in touch with our team.

Have a free software demonstration with a 100% free trial offer.

What tools have you used to manage the school transport system? How technology changed your school transport operations?

We’d love to hear your opinions, comments, and feedback as it matters to us.

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