School Analytics Software

How Did School Analytics Software Help for Effective School Management?

School Analytics Software

At the present time of changing education technology, all sizes of schools and educational institutions must implement School Management ERP.

In other words, several ERP modules help in managing day to day school admin activities easily and accurately. Are you unaware of School Analytics Software?

You on the right page, If yes is your answer This is our first article to discuss analytics for the School that lets you give deep insights on School Performance Analytics technologies and benefits that support data-driven decision making in schools.

Barriers behind Traditional Data Analytics

Nowadays education system needs valuable data analytics. In spite of its importance, the usage of educational data by teachers is limited. This is because of various barriers such as

  1. Limited educational data access
  2. Untimely collection of data
  3. Untimely analysis of educational data
  4. Maintaining low quality of educational data
  5. Lack of time
  6. Poor support
The Need for Educational Data Analytics Software

To overcome all these barriers, schools need digital technologies namely Educational Data Analytics tools. Schools can overcome the challenge of managing analysis and reporting tools.

At this instant, School Data Dashboard helps admin to generate powerful data analytics, reports, and customized visual dashboards for decision making and quick presentations to all admin levels.

Not to mention specially, the traditional report cards maintain Numbers, Grades, and Rankings in table formats.

With this report card, the less informed parent cannot get the exact academic summary of their child whether he is studying well or not. But today parents and teachers are more focused on knowing how their student’s education in schools and leveraging skills to meet class standards.

Benefits with Student Performance Analytics for School

By all means, robust and scalable School Analytics Software can ease this burden within Education by giving accessible and affordable world-class analytics tools to everyone who performs education analytics that correlates to student performance.

On the positive side, Student Performance Analytics for School, a powerful tool within the classroom keeps at-risk kids engaged. Equally important, the tool makes student enrollment more efficient and empowering students and teachers to understand their data in a graphical way.

Know more about classroom management software to reduce class distractions.

Student Academic Report generates reports within a few seconds upon an understanding in-depth analysis of every student’s capabilities. This enables Teachers, Parents, and the Students to visualize their 360-degree performance.

Features you Enjoy with Edecofy’s School Analytics Software:

We strive for quality education providing better-advanced tools for schools that are easy to avail, beautifully designed, and result-oriented.

  • Diverse Student Information

Edecofy’s Student Performance Analytics for School enable them deeply analyze their student information and generate student data on subject areas, reports, metrics, and dashboards based on tests, results, student attendance, and class schedule information.

  • Easy to Understand

Graphs and charts generated by the School Analytics Reports can be easily understandable to parents, as well as students.

  • Covers Entire Student Aspects

From time to time, the role-based School Analytics Dashboard generates perfect reports covering all aspects ranging from studies, games, extra-curricular activities, and participation.

  • Eye Catching Reports

The colors added to the reports remain more memorable in making remarkable changes while promoting to the next class or grade.

  • Skills, Standards and Report Cards

Our Report Card Software gives full access to easily view and manage grades, generate attractive report cards, visual skills, and standards of each student and overall appearance.

Why not check our School ERP Software now? In reply, your school will thank you!

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