Student Academic Report Analytics

Discover the True Potential of Student with Academic Report Analytics System

Student Academic Report Analytics

Need for Student Academic Report Analytics:

At the present time, parents are investing loads of money, and facilities for providing the best quality education to their children. However mere investing of money or simply checking progress reports of their children won’t help much in keeping a better track of their children’s performance.

Studies have shown that parents who keep a track of their child’s academic life can have a positive impact on their performance.

Without much pressure, Parental monitoring provides the required support and motivation for students. This can help in considering their studies seriously, and perform much better in academics.

Benefits of Student Reporting from Academic Management System:

Here is how a reporting system from school academic management software can help in tracking the students as well as the performance of staff and institutes in regards to different students.

All in One Reporting System:

Earlier parents used to completely depend upon progress cards, or manual remarks made by the parents in student diary for knowing their child’s performance.

Thanks to the modern student academic management system, which can provide a comprehensive dashboard. This covers student course information, homework reports, and grades all in one place?

A dashboard with all academic-related progress of a student is available at one place. This can bring comfort to the parent instead of referring to many remarks and progress reports related to his ward.

In-Depth Analysis of Student Academic Performance:

The system provides a 360-degree evaluation of students covering a wide range of features/aspects. These comprehensive reports cover reports related to academic subjects or any other extra circular activities like sports that can be made available with just a click of the mouse.
Both parents and teachers can access these reports in real-time. This can also help in taking any corrective steps at the right time, for improvising the performance of students.

Categorize students as per their performance:

Earlier teachers used to manually review the performance of each student, and categorize them into sections based on the performance. This used to take lots of time, and there can be a fair chance of mistakes or favoritism.

However student academic management systems can help in categorizing students in real-time without any scope for error. This allows them to concentrate the efforts wisely without compromising on the results.

Phase-To-Phase Growth Stats:

Student’s performance can be tracked week-wise, month-wise, and day-wise. Marks-wise improvement/ decline can be accessed directly in the dashboard.
Details of best performing subjects or subjects needing attention can also bring better insights to parents/teachers for improvising their ward’s performance.

Why Edecofy?
Edecofy’s robust and detailed reporting system can help institutes to access different reports. For instance, these reports may represent the potential of the student, their weakness and strengths, and the areas of improvement.

Edecofy  School Management System is designed by experts, after years of research. It can help in providing robust efficiency and dynamic capabilities in an intuitive format.

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