Online Institute Notice Management

Benefits of Real-time Institute Notice Management

Online Institute Notice Management

Notice boards in the school play a significant role in conveying important messages and announcements to parents & students. Must be remembered the grand old days where schools and colleges used to display important information outside the classroom on the big glass door Notice Board?

However the traditional notice board has got some disadvantages as well, few of them include:

  • Space Constraints
  • Waste of Stationary
  • Only Students attending the college can view the updates.
    For this reason, automating a notice board system can help in providing up-to-date notices and other information for all users or students associated with the school.
    Equally important, an online notice board can improvise the communication channel between students and institutes. On the positive side, the system can be accessed from anywhere, and any device like a smartphone, or laptop.

    Type of Notifications:
    Notification is meant to be for events that need to be conveyed in a short span of time. Notably, these messages should also be in a precise and concise format for students like
  • Special Events (like examinations)
  • Unscheduled holidays
  • Important announcements

Benefits of Notice Management Software:

Institutes that can utilize the Notice Management feature can communicate better. To put it in another way, the system ensures the delivery of smart notifications for all the stakeholders.

  • Instant notice posting on the notice board
  • All important stakeholders in the school like parents, students, teachers, and other staff can quickly catch the notices, as soon as they get notified.
  • The administrator can set notices to activate/deactivate after a specific period of time.
  • The newsfeed section allows updating the latest information. Information about events can also be propagated as notifications across all functional departments.
  • Fees payment, monthly attendance, and apprising the parents about the current progress status are some other major information that certainly needs to be communicated in a timely fashion.

Why Edecofy?

Carefully crafted for meeting the growing needs of educational institutions, Edecofy is capable of broadcasting precise messages in a straightforward manner.
These messages are easy to understand. They also quickly convey the key communication in an instantly comprehensible format.

Edecofy’s feature-rich messaging system is capable of communicating time-sensitive information promptly, equally important that too in a comprehensible quick format that can be understood at a glance.

Edecofy’s Online Institute Notice Management System fully supports mobile communication. This prevents the delay in message delivery, due to technical issues.
Various Kind of notifications include:

i) Push Notifications

ii) Email Alerts

iii) SMS Alerts
All these alerts can be notified to different participants of the school management ecosystem in real-time.

Looking for more details about our State-Of-The-Art School Management System? Please visit us at or for further details.

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